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New Server Events!

Rich New Server Events:


1. New Server 7-Days Login Carnival

   Each days login grants Luxury Welfare.

   Day 1 login: 100 Gems, 15M Build Order x2

   Day 2 login: Epic General - Natasha, EXP books x2

   Day 3 login: Prototype Nuke Pack, Recruit Order x2

   Day 4 login: Epic General - 100 Gems, March shortcut x2

   Day 5 login: Epic General - 100 VIP EXP,

   Day 6 login: Epic General - 100 Gems, Blitz x2

   Day 7 login: Epic General - Epic General: Perfect SPY, Cynthia and Violet 3 pick 1.


2. Trophy Ranking

   Get the given amount of trophies to get reward.

    Ranking 1: Oil Bag(L)x50,Gold Bag(L)x50,Steel Bag(L)x50,Titanium Bag(S)x20,S Crystal Piece x5

Ranking 2: Oil Bag(L)x40,Gold Bag(L)x40,Steel Bag(L)x40,Titanium Bag(S)x16,S Crystal Piece x4

Ranking 3: Oil Bag(L)x30,Gold Bag(L)x30,Steel Bag(L)x30,Titanium Bag(S)x12,S Crystal Piece x3

Ranking4-10: Oil Bag(L)x20,Gold Bag(L)x20,Steel Bag(L)x20,Titanium Bag(S)x10,S Crystal Particle x10

Ranking11-50: Oil Bag(L)x10,Gold Bag(L)x10,Steel Bag(L)x10,Titanium Bag(S)x8,S Crystal Particle x3

Ranking51-100: Oil Bag(L)x5,Gold Bag(L)x5,Steel Bag(L)x5,Titanium Bag(S)x5,S Crystal Particle x1

Ranking101-500: 1H Research Orderx1,Oil Bag(L)x1,Gold Bag(L)x1,Steel Bag(L)x1,Titanium Bag(S)x1



3. Level Ranking

   The higher the level ranking gets the greater reward.

    Ranking 1: 1H Research Orderx50,1H Build Orderx50, Steel Bag(XL)x20,Epic EXP Bookx20,Epic General - Yelena

Ranking 2: 1H Research Orderx40,1H Build Orderx40, Steel Bag(XL)x16,Epic EXP Bookx16,Epic General - Vera

Ranking 3: 1H Research Orderx30,1H Build Orderx30, Steel Bag(XL)x12,Epic EXP Bookx12,Epic General - Govorov

Ranking4-10: 1H Research Orderx20,1H Build Orderx20, Steel Bag(XL)x8,Epic EXP Bookx8,Epic General - Vasilevsky

Ranking11-20: 1H Research Orderx10,1H Build Orderx10, Steel Bag(XL)x6,Epic EXP Bookx6,Rare General - Martha

Ranking21-50: 1H Research Orderx50,1H Build Orderx50, Steel Bag(XL)x20,Epic EXP Bookx20,Rare General - Lyudmila

Ranking51-100: Oil Bag(L)x2,Gold Bag(L)x2,Steel Bag(L)x2,EXP Bookx2,Recruit Orderx2

Ranking101-100: Oil Bag(L)x1,Gold Bag(L)x1,Steel Bag(L)x1,EXP Bookx1,Recruit Orderx1



4. Valued Month Card: Extra Value 10x rebate

1. Purchase to get 300 Gems instantly

2. Claim 120 Gems each day for 30 days

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